Well, here we are 1/3 of the way through our Indiegogo Campaign.  We are doing OK, but we have a ways to go before we have enough to fully open.  This non-profit fundraising is something very new for me, and we are learning many new skills and ideas. 

The first concept that has really been brought home in the last few months is really a reinforcement of something I have known since arriving here in 1980.  North Central Florida is an amazing place, filled with wonderful dynamic people.   The support we have experienced is so much greater that we expected.  While thanking him for his generous challenge grant, I recently mentioned to Jim Lilkendy of Apogee Coaching how really uplifting this support has been.  We have put our hearts, labor, and money in to this non-profit resource because we really believe that The Tech Toybox can make a difference in individual and community lives.  We have a vision, and it is so refreshing to see that vision shared by so many.  One example was our recent open house.  We tried to invite those who we thought might have an interest and encouraged spreading of the invitation.  I would have been thrilled to talk to 50 people that night, but we ended up with over 150.  We lost count because we ran out of name tags at 150!  It was a wonderful night ant the feedback and ideas were great.

We have also been learning how to get our message out.  It has been a delicate balance for me because I know I don't want to receive a ton of e-mails.  We have tried to be careful in sharing our news without being pests. :-)  I am learning alot about non-profit marketing and fundraising with the help of great advice from our community.  We do have some advantage in that our long-term business model will provide support without ongoing grants. 

Lastly, we are learning about stamina.  This has been a long process and we can finally see the light.  After years of working towards providing an open creator, learning, and development space for anyone to use, we are finally within reach.  We have been helping people and companies for over a year now as The Tech Toybox, but it is time to open the doors for our new creative space.  We have moved three shops from three counties into the new shops and labs at GTEC.  We have run with very little budget for the moves, and we are now both excited and exhausted.  It is a good time, and we are encouraged that our stamina is holding out for this last push.

Thank you again, to our community and supporters for the ideas, suggestions, support, and exciting projects you have brought for us to build.  Together we are building a wonderful platform for creativity and innovation.  We hope you will come out and join us as a member, a student in one of our classes, and a supporter of our community development efforts.  We appreciate this community, and look forward to working with you in The Tech Toybox.

Please consider a donation.  We still need to raise the funds to open the doors.  Donate here.  If you cannot donate, please help spread the word.

Create. Build. Learn.