New Beginnings

Front View of the Gainesville Technology and Enterprise Center

Well, Here is a first blog for me on this site and I want to just update on some of the great things keeping us busy when we are not building cool prototypes.

We are very excited about moving in to our permanent home at GTEC very soon.  We have two rooms that we are negotiating on, and are hoping to begin moving our equipment from the three scattered shops in to that space. 

We have added some capabilities in our shops here.  We can now do screen printing!  We have been playing around with our 4 color press (of course you can do a single color too).  We have been putting some art onto t-shirts for practice, but we are even more excited about the other more non-traditional uses (panels, art projects, circuit boards, or whatever the imagination can come up with!

I have just brought over our wire welding rig, along with the chop saw.  This facilitates some larger projects we may have in conjunction with the move.  We are also planning some gerat analysis and optical equipment that will provide some access to tools which are not readily available to the community.  As that list grows, we will add them to the list of capabilities.

Our 3d printer is fully operational in the single color mode, and we now have a dual head to install!  This will allow support material for complicated structures, or two color prints.  We have some other exciting modifications in the works for the printer...stay tuned!  Note also, that this platform is a great opportunity for creativity.  The printer is a very hackable platorm.  If you can think of anything that would be useful to move around in 3 dimensions, this is the tool for you!  For example, there is actually a large group of hackers and artists who have worked together to make the 3d printers into cake decorating tools!  The head is just configured to squirt out icing, and it is built up in 3d! 

In between the really cool prototyping projects we are working on, we are also working on some great outreach programs.  We will also be launching a fund raising campaign soon in association with our move.  We have some exciting things planned, and we are eager to get more tools and techniques for your projects.  Stay tuned for more details!

PS. If anyone who reads this is interested in helping with the move and with getting the new space ready, please contact us!  We have a big job ahead and the more minds involved the better!  Some of the shop equipment is very big and heavy, so we would very much appreciate anyone with moving skills (or company) who was interested in helping us help our community!