Today is the beginning of the next step

3D printer in action

Well, here we go!  Today we sign the lease and begin moving in to our space at GTEC.  We are moving in to the smaller of the two rooms first, because we are awaiting some funding to get us in to the second larger room.  Our plans for the small room include electronics, computers, 3D printing, microscopy, and some high-tech analysis equipment.  We are really looking forward to having that space and beginning to make the opening of the resources to anyone a reality.

Now that we have the space, look to this site for announcement of an exciting introductory class to the world of 3D printing.  This will be our first class in the new space, and it will include a print of every student's design! 

For those of you so inclined to help make this not-for-profit a reality even faster, feel free to donate using the soon-to-appear donate button on the main website.

The Tech Toybox is a big bonus for the entrepreneurship economy.  The Tech Toybox will be providing education for all ages, while making ideas into reality.  If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them here*, or submit them to us via our contact form.  We look forward to hearing about your ideas and needs.

Create! Build! Learn!

*Please note that we need you to register prior to submitting comments. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we found that the spammers hit the site faster than we can erase them if we allow non-registered comments.