Creativity Skills for Teens

Designed for High School students, this 5 hour course will teach basics of 4 different prototyping and creative methods. Students will learn basics of shop safety, then will embark on building 4 projects at 4 stations. The current group will build a metal project on a milling machine, use a CNC (computer controlled) router to etch their own message on a project, build a simple circuit by soldering components on to a circuit board, and make a puzzle by molding foam plastic parts. Each student will have hands-on time on each station while learning the techniques, and will take their projects home with them. This couse is suitable for anyone 15-19 years old, and teaches some skills while exposing the student to new creative techniques.


The Tech Toybox

2153 SE Hawthorne Rd

Gainesville, Florida 32641



Saturday, July 12


Saturday, August 9


Saturday, September 6

TIME: 8 am-1pm

Director: JP Bullivant

FEE: $175


Station 1: Milling Machine

  • Learn milling techniques
  • Start with aluminum bar stock
  • Mill the bar stock to remove excess material and shape it into a key chain


Station 2: CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Router

  • Modify existing CAD drawings of the key chains with the student’s initials
  • Convert the CAD drawings into code for the CNC router using CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) software
  • Etch the surface of the key chain with the student’s initials using the CNC router


Station 3: Electronics Bench

  • Learn soldering techniques
  • Solder electrical components onto a custom designed circuit board
  • The device the students create will be a making device that responds to sound by flashing different combinations of light


Station 4: Plastics Molding Bench

  • Learn plastic resin casting techniques
  • Make all the pieces of a 3D puzzle out of foam using existing molds



                                                                                          To register for this course, call (352) 395 5896 or contact the CIED for additional information.