Introduction to 3D printing*

So what is all this 3d Printer hype anyway? This is your chance to learn what it is all about while you learn to print your own creation! We will cover the basics of 3d printing and give an overview of what kinds of printers are available. We will then move on to learning the basics of a free CAD (drawing) program with an example object we will build together. You will then have guidance on drawing your own object and will learn how to prepare it for printing. After learning how our particular printer works, everyone will be able to print their own part. This course is designed for anyone who has some basic computer skills. This is an introductory class, so no prior experience is needed.


SF CIED, Rm. DB-112

530 W University Ave.

Gainesville, Florida 32601



DATES: Jul. 10 , 17 , & 24

TIMES: 6pm-8pm

Director: Narada Bradman

FEE: $175


Session 1: What is 3D Printing and how you can use it

  • What you need to join the revolution (how to use FreeCAD, access to an extruder)
  • Historical: additive vs. subtractive manufacturing (what is 3D printing anyway?)
  • Different kinds of additive manufacturing (from Laser Sintering to PLA extrusion)
  • Strengths and weaknesses (what is it good for…absolutely everything!)
  • The current revolution: Filament Extruders
  • Details/capabilities of extruder you’ll be using (build volume, materials, etc.)
  • CAD options for home install (FreeCad)


Session 2: Using CAD to layout your creation for 3D printing

  • Intro to FreeCAD and Slic3r
  • Basic design rules (limitations and work-arounds)
  • Examples
  • ThingiVerse


Session 3: Using a filament extruder: introducing the Mendel Max V2

  • Extruder standard operating procedures
  • Start to finish object creation run through


Session 4: Print your piece!

  • Floating session to print a piece you’ve designed in the class

* Schedule printing time with the instructor


                        To register for this course, call (352) 395 5896 or contact the CIED for additional information.