Organic Device Testing

We currently have the following facilities and capabilities to help with your project

  •     Full basic machine shop
  •     Plastic casting and mold building
  •     3D printing (PLA, ABS, and PC)
    •     we can develop new material processes for you!
  •     Electronics design and fabrication
    •      surface mount
    •      embedded controllers/DSP
    •      custom enclosures
    •      LED's and lighting
    •      touch screen controls
    •      whatever you can dream of--if it is possible, we will build one!
  •     Woodworking
  •     Screen Printing
  •     Welding (stick and MIG)
  •     If we cannot do it, we will get it done!

We can make it work.  It's what we do!

Coming soon!

  •     CNC routing/milling
  •     Thin film fabrication
  •     Spin coating
  •     Analytical facilities
  •     Vacuum Thermoforming
  •     Injection Molding
  •     Ovens and Furnaces
  •     TIG welding
  •     Metal Casting
  •     Clean Area

Our main mission is training and building business startups.  We can provide hands on training for

  •     Prototype Development
  •     Software and embedded systems
  •     3D printing
  •     Machine tools and operations
  •     Materials
  •     Early Tech Startups-- Internships available for real-world startup technologies!
  •     Tech mentoring

 Custom classes developed to suit your needs!